How are the Spanish families selected?

Among families whose children are NECOM´s students in different schools in Madrid. They embrace the student as a member of the family and provide a safe home environment.


Do the Spanish students and families help the student with Spanish language?

Spanish students and host families are patient with their student’s level of Spanish.  Misunderstandings may happen and the Spanish leader´s main task is to help to avoid miscommunications. By being in a warm and welcoming environment, most students adapt quickly and settle into their new family life with very few problems.


Do the students have any supervision?

One leader accompanies them during the whole program in Spain.

What should the student do during the evenings when they are with host families?

Students are part of the family and they will enjoy the same activities as the families with their own children. That said, most families make an effort to introduce the students to as many experiences as possible in the time the student is with them. The students are expected to eat the same food as the families and enjoying authentic, home-cooked Spanish food is a large part of the home stay experience. Students will however have the opportunity to tell the families what food they like and what they don´t. Allergies and dietary preferences should be made clear in advance.


What does it happen in case he/she gets sick?

The family and leaders act as they would if their own children became ill. They call the doctor and of course the child´s parents will also be informed timeously. The students travel with medical insurance.


Who has to pay for the extra activities?

The students bring their own pocket money to cover for such expenses (around 200€). Organized activities are already paid.


Can they use phones or computers?

Students can be called by their family or can use reversed charge calls. They can also buy a Spanish phone card. Computer can be used with permission or bring their own. Be careful with mobiles!


What if Spanish family goes for a trip?

Spanish Leader and student´s parents are informed about destination and duration of the trip. If student can´t go with them, he/she will stay with another family during the time they are going to be away.


Will the student join Spanish children outdoor activities?

Of course, joining in activities with the host family or other children is a key part of the experience. As with other type of international experience, the children will have to respect local rules and cultural norms. The role of the host family is to help them with this learning.


Would the students participate in housekeeping?

Children will be expected to behave as they should at home. They will be required at a minimum to keep their belongings and rooms tidy. They will be advised if their host family expects them to help with other chores such as helping to lay the table for dinner or take pets for walks. In other words, the children will be expected to share in an authentic home-stay experience.