Available in Madrid.

Duration: 2/3 weeks in July

Homestay experience with local host families. We have a large pool of host families who love to collaborate with our programs for teenagers, as they truly enjoy the experience of having students from different countries in their homes. We are extremely fortunate to be in a position to work with such an accomplished and welcoming group of host families; our students always report that after a few days, they feel like another member of the family!

From 9:30 until 17:00 they will participate in all of the camp activities – language classes, workshops, sports and excursions – but they will return to the home of their host family for dinner and to enjoy their evenings experiencing a true Spanish lifestyle.


Available in Murcia, Guadalajara, and Huesca.

Duration: 2 weeks in July.

They are designed for students who would like to spend a summer learning Spanish and English in Spain, mixed with all nationalities. They are accommodated in small cottages, sometimes in tents, which they have to put up themselves, and student residences. The children are under constant supervision of adults who are skilled and responsible for them at all times. The camps have different focuses and settings. Students are fully immersed in the Spanish language and culture. Our camps intend to build friendships between different nations, develop communication skills, and improve sport skills.

After a morning of language classes, students spend the afternoons and evenings enjoying a fun-filled range of activities, all designed be both age-appropriate and enjoyable! We divide the summer camp activity program into three categories: recreational activities, cultural workshops and camp trips. Summer camp programming is designed to ensure that there’s never a dull moment between the time campers wake until they go to bed.


The camp takes place in Los Alcázares. Ages: 11 to 17.

The daily planning of our summer camp in CAR ( Centro Alto Rendimiento Los Alcázares , Murcia) is designed to allow students to participate in as many sports as possible, in a wide variety of recreational activities and cultural workshops.

Campers who participate in the optional sailing program will have the opportunity to learn, practice and improve their sailing technique at the beach with professional instructors. La Manga is a unique strip of land that separates the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor, the sailing is great and the area is famed for its wind and kite surfing activities.


The camp takes place at Graus, Huesca. Ages: 13 to 17.

Our course in the Pyrenees is for people who enjoy the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. This is a very rustic, summer camp-style setting. There will be sports in an adventure park, and they will  explore castles, visit old monasteries, walk in the forest, go bird-watching or simply enjoy the beautiful countryside.

There is an optional 5 days music program for those who play stringed instruments which is provided by qualified teachers.





This course takes place in Molingordo, Guadalajara,160Kms from Madrid. Ages: 11 to 15.

This is one of our most unusual courses, since all classes, accommodation, meals and activities take place in a 17th century restored farm house. The children are  surrounded by beautiful wheat fields and it is the ideal setting for youngsters who love animals, outdoors activities and wish to participate in the day-to-day life of a working farm. It is a safe and well-run camp.


Available in Madrid. Ages: 14 to 17.

Duration: 5/7 days.

Madrid is a beautiful city and it’s an excellent place for culture, art, sports and recreation. Madrid boasts some of the world´s most famous museums including the Reina Sofía museum of modern art and the Prado art museum. For those with other interests, there are excellent science museums, outdoor art exhibitions, beautiful parks and of course two famous football clubs.

All year round, we  offer these Educational Trips for Groups of Middle and High School students.

Our aim is to offer a memorable experience, showing students that Spanish language, history, literature, art or any other subject doesn´t have to stay in the classroom and can truly come alive for the students. The trips are made to suit the needs of the students. According to the requests of your group, we maximize the time with excursions to sights and attractions which are educational but with an added element of fun.

Accommodation for groups can be located in a student’s residence or hotel, according to your preferences and budget.